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NEPGA 'Spring Series' a Huge Success in its First Year

By Mark Chiarelli NEPGA

We’ve all been there.

By the end of a long, cold, snowy New England winter, we’re all anxious to dust off the clubs, hit the course and see what parts of the golf game survived after a winter hibernation. And the result? Typically, a rusty golf game.

But for a majority of golfers, there’s rarely enough time to fully dedicate to practicing and playing. Parents must juggle a combination of work, family commitments and day-to-day responsibilities while junior players must find time between school assignments and extra-curricular activities.

Before you know it, the summer season – and the accompanying schedule of New England PGA Junior Tour events – is in full swing as the calendar turns.

So this year, the NEPGA Junior Tour set out to accommodate junior players aiming to get back into the swing of things.

The tour launched the NEPGA Junior Tour Spring Series, which was comprised of eight scheduled events located throughout Massachusetts in May. The goal was simple: To help junior golfers slowly ease into the golf season as the weather improved and summer approached.



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