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Please read this thoroughly before calling the office with any questions. Hopefully, most, if not all, information you will need is right here.

It is our goal to provide our members with an experience in tournament golf that is both fun and educational. We ask that you, as their parents, help us in the endeavor and follow the guidelines set forth by our organization to ensure that our goals are met. We ask you to please make note of and abide by the following principals:

To us, every junior on our tour is the next up and coming star. Please don’t let your personal pride and goals overshadow the thrust of our efforts.

Parents, friends, or other spectators will not be allowed on the golf course during the events. For circumstances, which warrant a parent/guardian to be on course with their child (medical, etc), the NEPGA must have documentation on file from a doctor or physician prior to the juniors participation in the event. However, such spectators must remain on the golf car path/rough and maintain 50 yards distance from the players at all times. Unauthorized spectators on the golf course will be asked to leave and may be subject to having the junior(s) they are watching disqualified.

When determining your tournament selections online, please remember, some courses are more in-demand than others. That being said, when events reach max capacity, any other registrants will go onto a wait list.  Juniors on the wait list will gain a spot in a tournament in the event of a cancellation. The spot in the field will be filled according to the age division of other member/player who cancelled on a first come, first serve basis off the waitlist.

Our tour is an introduction to tournament golf for these juniors and for many it is a difficult transition from playing a regular round. It is our goal to make their first experience with tournament golf rewarding and enjoyable so they will want to continue their young careers. We hate to see any added pressure put onto our tour players and ask that you keep this in mind at all times.

Parents are guests at these clubs too and must adhere to dress guidelines set forth in this handbook. If you are present at our tour event and are inappropriately dressed, you will be asked to leave.

THE GOLDEN RULE: The most important thing is to have fun!


1) Are spectators allowed at tournaments?
NO. With exception of specific Championships in which the payer will be notified if spectators are allowed. However, you may view your child from the areas within proximity to the clubhouse, i.e. the 1st tee and 18th green.

2) Once I register for membership, how do I register for tournaments?
After your membership has been approved, you will be sent an email with your BlueGolf ID and Password. This ID and Password will allow you to access your BlueGolf account and register for tournaments. Use lower case when logging into your account.

3) How do I cancel an event?
Log onto your Players Club and click the cancel button next to the event you need to withdraw from. If you know you are not going to attend, please cancel, even if it’s the morning of the event. This allows us to properly use the wait-list and help with walk ons on the day of the event.

4) In which division do I participate?
Age is calculated as what age you turn before September 1 of the current year. For example, if you turn 14 before September 1, 2017 you will play with 14 year olds. To be eligible for the Graduates Division, the player must have attended college.

5) Is there a limit in the number of tournaments we can sign up for?
No, a player may register and compete in as many tournaments as they choose throughout the year.

6) Do we have to pick all of our tournaments at once, or can we pick them on a week by week basis?
You can pick tournaments as you see fit, however be aware of the tournament entry deadline, normally about 5 days prior to the event.

7)  Why are there only check boxes next to some events?
The events that are still open have check boxes next to them. The ones without boxes are full or are not for your division.

8) What happens when a tournament is full?
Once a tournament is full, all players that then register will be placed on the waiting list. Players on the waiting list will be placed into the event on a first come first served basis according to age division. Players can be placed into a tournament from the waiting list up to the day before the event. After which, no players from the waiting list will be processed into the event.

9) Can I use my pull cart during a tournament?
Yes, the NEPGA Junior Tour allows pull carts, however, they will be allowed only at the discretion of the host facility. It is the player's responsibility to obtain course policy.

10) What is the cancellation policy?
Participants may cancel out of an event prior to the tournament deadline advance and receive a full refund minus an administration fee of $5. Participants who cancel after the tournament deadline will not be refunded.

11) What happens if it rains?
The New England PGA will conduct junior golf events during foul weather conditions including rain, wind and extreme heat. However, in the event these conditions become a dangerous situation or render the course unplayable, we will delay or cancel the event. The host facility has the final say on whether the course is deemed playable. If weather appears to be questionable the day of any event, please check our website or your email account prior to calling the section office. Other than extreme situations, all decisions regarding weather related cancellations are made the day of an event. Unless otherwise specified, we will not reschedule an event. The NEPGA reserves the right to cancel an event under any conditions.


12) How does the Walk On policy work?
Any member can go to an event without being a confirmed participant of that event as a walk on (as long as they meet age/tour eligibility for that event). The walk on list will be first come - first serve and the junior must sign in with a New England PGA Staff member. We recommend that players show up an hour before the scheduled tee times for their event. Any names submitted to the club staff will not be valid.  NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any cash entries will be denied.

Also, the NEPGA reserves the right to not allow players to take the place of another in a different division (i.e. NEPGA Staff members will make the decision where/when to put Walk-ons in the event). For example, if a 16-18 year old wishes to play at the late tee time which is the 9 hole division with boys 11 & under etc.

There are no guarantees that any or all standbys will be able to play.

13)  Do we have to wait for our results/trophy?
No, you do not have to wait for your final results. The results will be emailed to you, as well as available on the website as soon as your round is completed. If you cannot not stay and end up winning your age division you will receive your trophy/medal either at a future event or it will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

14) What is the tie-breaker if my child shoots the same score as another child?
The tour uses USGA standard tie breaking format which is Back 9 score, then Last 6 played, then Last 3 played, then the last hole. Ties will only be broken to determine the winner of an age division/event. If  there is a tie for another place it will not be broken and Player of the Year Points will be evenly distributed to the tied players. For example if there is a two person tie for 3rd, the 17 points for 3rd and the 15 points for 4th will be averaged out and both players tied for 3rd will receive 16 Player of the Year Points (17+15=32, 32/2=16).




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