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The NEPGA Jr. Tour is offering a New Year Special until January 31, 2019! 

This discounted Junior Tour Membership is $99 and if you want to add the 2019 Ping College Golf Guide, it is $125.  The normal/ full price for Junior Tour Membership $130 and $155 if you are adding a Ping College Golf Guide (digital format).

Memberships will be active from January 2019 - December 31, 2019.
Click Here to access the registration page. Click on Become a Member! under New Member Registration to begin the registration process.   Use your current Junior Tour Membership ID and Password to log in to your account and renew your membership.  (Please email if you do not remember your login information)

You will need an American Express, MasterCard, Discover or Visa to complete your Membership Registration.   Credit card is the only acceptable form of payment.

The New England PGA Junior Tour is open to all boys and girls ages 9-21 who reside in or are members of a golf course within the boundaries of the New England Section that employs a PGA Professional. 

  • Regular Membership - $130
  • Regular Membership + Ping College Golf Guide - $155
  • Sibling Membership - $65 (1/2 price full membership)

The most common membership on the Junior Tour is the Full Membership.   The  Regular Membership gives you access to every event on the Junior Tour except for the Bay State Cup, the Jr. PGA Championship, NEPGA Jr. Tour Championship, and the Boda Memorial (must qualify for these events).

Players who register for this membership will receive the Expanded Ping American College Golf Guide along with regular membership. A separate email will be sent to registrants with a specific user id and password to the college golf guide website.  The normal price of the Ping Expanded College Golf Guide is  $79.95 however through this membership the golf guide is discounted to $25  ($tbd membership +$25 college golf guide = $tbd). Please allow a few days to receive the golf guide user id & password!

Any junior enrolled either Membership with a brother or sister 21 years of age or younger can enroll their sibling in the Sibling Membership. The Sibling Membership is identical to the Full Membership except that the Sibling Membership is discounted $25. As long as one sibling is signed up for Regular or Regular + Ping Membership, any remaining brothers or sisters may sign up for the discounted Sibling Membership level. The Sibling Membership gives you access to every event on the Junior Tour except for the Bay State Cup, the Jr. PGA Championship, NEPGA Jr. Tour Championship, and the Boda Memorial (must qualify for these events).

The New England PGA Junior Tour is open to all junior amateurs who live in the jurisdiction of the New England PGA from the ages of 9-21 (Age calculated as of September 1, 2019. For example, if your child turns 14 before September 1, 2019 then he/she will play with 14 year olds). To be eligible for the Graduates Division, the player must have attended college.
Boys 19-21 (Grad Div/College Students)
Girls 14-18 (Grad Div/College Students)
Boys 16-18
Girls 13 & under (9 holes)
Boys 14-15
Boys 12-13
Boys 11 & under (9 holes)
ELITE TOUR (Two-Day Events. Not separate membership)
Boys 14-18
Girls 14-18
Boys 12-13  
Note: Girls who turn 12 years old or older as of September 1, 2019 may “declare up” to a higher age division (Girls 14-18) however she MAY NOT return to the younger division for the remainder of the season unless deemed necessary by the NEPGA Junior Golf Committee. Player of the year points will NOT be transferred if the player returns to the 13 & Under Division. When making such a decision, please keep in mind that girls who declare up will be competing against older girls (14-18 years old).

Members who have graduated high school (or will turn 19 prior to September 1, 2019) may play the season directly following high school graduation in either the Girls 14-18 Division or Boys 16-18 division). Members who have attended college are permitted to compete in the Graduate Division.

Members will receive a packet containing:

  • USGA Rules Book
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD

Once all tee gifts are received we will mail out the membership packet in two different waves (mailing dates, to be determined). Applicants who have gained membership in the NEPGA Junior Tour will receive tee gifts later during the season, either mailed or at a tournament.

Tournament Registrations may be accepted by credit card ONLY.
  • Boys 11 & under and Girls 13 & under- $30,  (9 holes)
  • Boys 12-13, Boys 14-15, Boys 16-18, Girls 14-18 and Grad Division - $40 (18 holes)
  • Elite Tour - $125


NOTE: Tournament fees are subject to change (vary by facility). Typical costs for tournaments are outlined above




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