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The following dress code must be observed: Appropriate attire for boys is a collared golf shirt, pants or long shorts, and golf shoes or sneakers. Appropriate dress for girls is a collared golf shirt, pants or long shorts/ skirts, and golf shoes or sneakers. No MOCK NECKS OR CARGO SHORTS, jeans, tank tops, sweat suits, T-shirts, gym/mesh shorts, bicycle shorts, halter-tops, midriffs, or short shorts/skirts will be tolerated. Girls’ shorts/skirts MUST be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. All shirts must be tucked in. No hats are to be worn backwards and should be taken off when entering the clubhouse. The use of cell phones, iPods/mp3 players is not permitted during a stipulated round. Golf shoes must have soft spikes. It is important that children, as well as adults, dress appropriately at all times. Players and parents who do not abide by the dress code will be asked to leave club premises. The tournament staff reserves the right to deem whether a player is wearing proper golf attire.

Participants may cancel out of an event prior to the tournament deadline advance and receive a full refund minus an administration fee of $5. Participants who cancel after the tournament deadline will not be refunded unless a valid explanation is provided. Any player that cannot participate in a Junior Tournament due to medical reasons, and it is after the tournament deadline, must provide a notice from a Doctor or Physician to validate the cancellation. Excused cancellations will still be subject to the $5 administration fee.

Although participants who cancel out of an event after the tournament deadline may not receive a refund, it is mandatory they cancel out of the event online- through their Players Club Account. This policy is being enforced to help eliminate no- shows and allow players on the Waitlist to participate. Players will receive one warning about this policy. A second offense may lead to a suspension. If a player shows complete disregard for this policy they will have their playing privileges revoked.


Juniors on the waitlist will gain a spot in a tournament in the event of a cancellation. The spot in the field will be filled according to the age division of other members in the tee time on a first come, first serve basis off the waitlist. Ex. If a spot opens in a 12 & under Age Division tee time, the first participant on the waitlist in that division will be eligible for the spot. A junior in  the 16-18 Age Division would not be eligible to fill the opening. Note: Anyone who is placed on the waitlist will not be charged unless they get into the event.


The New England PGA Junior Golf Program allows players to walk-on the day of an event. Once the day of an event has arrived, the waitlist is void. Open spaces within an event, on the day of an event will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.  The NEPGA Staff does not know the likelihood of participating as a walk-on player, therefore the New England PGA does not guarantee you will be able to play in any events as a walk-on. If a junior tour member is able to participate as a walk-on, they will be asked to provide all information deemed necessary for registration. The entry fee will be charged to the credit card on file or one to that is given. First time players (non-tour members) may also participate as walk-on players for an additional charge. Unless otherwise specified, our Walk-On Policy applies to the Junior Tour, Elite Tour, and Junior PGA Championship New England Section Qualifiers. No cash or personal checks will be accepted.


Proper course etiquette and sportsmanship is extremely important and will be strictly enforced. The NEPGA Staff works hard to find courses willing to host junior events. By taking care of the course, we stand a better chance of a return visit. Players are expected to behave in accordance with the rules prescribed by the NEPGA Jr Tour.

Any conduct unbecoming a junior golfer shall be subject to one warning by an official and immediate disqualification at any subsequent incident. In the event of a serious breach of conduct, the player may be disqualified or suspended indefinitely without warning from an official. Such conduct shall include but is not limited to cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct,  fighting, abusive language, tobacco/ alcohol/drug use, club throwing, profanity, showing disrespect to volunteers, staff or officials, littering or leaving trash on the course, abuse of the golf course or golf facility including failure to repair ball marks and replace divots.

Players must be willing to comply with all policies set forth by the New England PGA including the Dress Code Policy. Players must also adhere to any rules set forth by the host facility, i.e. soft spike policy, no hats in the clubhouse, etc. Any such incidents regarding Code of Conduct violations will be handled immediately at the discretion of the onsite staff. The matter will then be reported to the Junior Golf Director. The NEPGA reserves the right to suspend and or revoke playing privileges at any time.

The New England PGA (NEPGA) Junior Tour appreciates the support provided by parents, grandparents, guardians, family members, and guests who attend our events. In order to run our tournaments in the most effective manner and provide enjoyment for all involved, we need all non-players to abide by the following Sport Code of Conduct throughout the tournament experience.

I therefore agree,
1.    I will remember that children participate to have fun and that the game is for youth, not adults.
2.    I will emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit my child over winning.
3.    I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players and respect for NEPGA Staff & Officials, volunteers, and host facility and staff and official at every NEPGA Junior Tournament or event.
4.    I (and my guests) will encourage sportsmanship for my child by showing respect and courtesy for all players, NEPGA Staff, parents, officials at every NEPGA Jr Tournament or event.
5.    I (and my guests) will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, NEPGA Staff, player, volunteer, parent, and host club members or staff.
6.    I will ensure that my child comprehends the benefit of competition and place an emphasis on appreciating the beneficial aspects of competing aside from just winning or losing.
7.    I will ensure that my child treat other players, NEPGA Staff & Officials, host club members and staff and volunteers with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.
8.    I will ensure a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and I will refrain from their use at all sports events.
9.    I will not make insulting comments to players, NEPGA Staff & Officials, volunteers, host club members and staff.

Any misconduct or unbecoming behavior by the Spectator(s), Parent(s), Legal Guardian, all attendees associated with junior participant may result in the immediate disqualification of the player from the event and/or the elimination of NEPGA Jr Tour Membership, and/or the removal of the Spectators, Parent(s), Legal Guardian, all attendees associated with junior participant from the facility, and/or suspension or expulsion from the NEPGA Jr tour for those said violators.

Examples of misconduct include but are not limited to: Abusive or foul language, use of electronic devices to video, record, or photograph participants (prohibited), advice to participants, dishonesty, disrespectful behavior toward volunteers, officials, host club members or participants, inappropriate communication to New England PGA staff, New England PGA Leaders etc.

I will otherwise conduct myself in a professional manner and I will follow the rules and instructions of the NEPGA as may be provided to me in writing or verbally through NEPGA staff and as may be updated from time to time during the season.

Unless otherwise specified, the New England PGA Junior Golf Program does not allow spectators  on the golf course at any time. Spectators may watch from holes within close proximity to the clubhouse (typically the 1st & 10th tees and the 9th & 18th greens). Any spectator caught on the course will be escorted off the course with a warning. A second offense will result in disqualification of the competitor(s) the spectator is following. This policy is for the general good of both the player and the game. This policy is in effect for all New England PGA Junior Golf events. For circumstances, which warrant a parent/guardian to be on course with their child (medical, etc), the NEPGA must have documentation on file from a doctor or physician prior to the juniors participation in the event. However, such spectators must remain on the golf car path/rough and maintain 50 yards distance from the players at all times.


All players may use pull carts, however it is ultimately the tournament course that has the final decision. If a course does not allow pull carts, then players must carry their own golf bag. Please call the course to understand their pull cart policy. The use of caddies and golf carts are prohibited. It is a condition of participating in all events that the competitor is not permitted to use a motorized golf cart during event competition notwithstanding the foregoing: The NEPGA and PGA of America are committed to conduct golf competitions within the perimeters of the American with Disabilities Act. Players who request relief under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and seek a reasonable accommodation for their disability by the use of a motorized golf cart during an event competition shall be required to submit their request in writing to the JUNIOR GOLF COMMITTEE on or before the entry deadline date for review and determination. The Jr. Golf Committee will schedule a hearing to allow the applicant the ability to present evidence to support the applicant’s position. Please contact New England PGA Director of Junior Golf Operations Jacy Settles for more information.


The New England PGA will conduct junior golf events during foul weather conditions including rain, wind and extreme heat. However, in the event these conditions become a dangerous situation or render the course unplayable, we will delay or cancel the event. The host facility has the final say on whether the course is deemed playable. If weather appears to be questionable the day of any event, please check our website or your email account prior to calling the section office. Other than extreme situations, all decisions regarding weather related cancellations are made the day of an event. Unless otherwise specified, we will not reschedule an event. The NEPGA reserves the right to cancel an event under any conditions.


All of the regular things you would bring to play a round of golf such as your clubs, golf bag, golf shoes, tees, balls, ball marker, divot repair tool, sunscreen etc. Please note not every club will have a snack bar available. Please be sure to bring adequate food and drink supplies with you. It is also important to make sure juniors have some basic medical supplies on them that they might need. Frequently requested items include Band-Aids, sports tape, Advil, stomach medication etc.

All players should arrive at a tournament with enough time to register, warm up and make it to their tee time early.   We ask that players be to the tee 10 minutes prior to your starting time.

As soon as you arrive at the tournament you must check in with the NEPGA Jr Tour staff member at the Registration Table. Your starting time will be confirmed and you will be directed to the practice facilities available. Players are responsible for being at the tee 10 minutes prior to their starting time. It is NOT the responsibility of the NEPGA  JR Tour Staff to make sure competitors are at their starting point on time. Any player who is late to the tee will be subject to penalty and/ or disqualification under the USGA Rules of Golf.

Please be to the tee 10 minutes prior to your starting time.

Please check the number of golf clubs in your bag; maximum is 14.

Please place an identifying mark on ball with a Sharpie marker.

If at any time you are unsure of a rule, or doubt as to how to proceed please follow Rule 3-3.

Players will receive their official scorecards and additional Local Rules on the first tee. Each player will be responsible for keeping a fellow competitor’s score, as well as their own. Players are highly encouraged to keep score for the rest of the members of their group as well. Players will be responsible for complete knowledge of the Rules of Golf and any Local Rules.

Parents are encouraged to drop their kids off at the tournament sites and return shortly before they finish their round. THERE ARE NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED ON THE GOLF COURSE! An average round of 18 holes takes 4.5 - 5 hours.



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